With a passion for creating games that have never been experienced before, Elushis Music and Gaming provides immersive experiences that offer a unique perspective on life.

Through a belief that a company could exist that encourages creativity rather than another money-grab, Elushis Music and Gaming was created. The creator noticed that the gaming industry lacked unique and affordable content that wasn’t riddled with microtransactions.

The creator is dedicated to balancing his efforts across all aspects of the business. Elushis Music and Gaming consists of three focus areas:

1. The development of Independent free-thought games published across multiple platforms.

2. The porting and publishing of titles created by other small development studios and independent developers.

3. The creation of independent music across multiple genres.

Have you ever wanted to live out your childhood dream of becoming a postman? Maybe enter a race to save humanity? Or even sail the sea as a pirate? Elushis Music and Gaming offers an all-immersive experience full of adventure, creativity and original thought.

Elushis Music and Gaming is always working on new content updates for existing games in the catalog, as well as new and exciting games releasing soon.


Elushis Music and Gaming values your feedback. 

If you would like to get in touch or receive updates, please complete the contact form form below or email Gaming@elushis.com.

Please feel free to like Elushis Music and Gaming on Facebook at @Elushismusic or twitter @elushismusic.



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